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Animated practices of Taoist Internal Alchemy
lineage of One Cloud / Universal Healing Tao
shared with the World Wide Web by Kev


Surrendering to the freely flowing changes of Tao, I, Kev, in my own time and culture and according to the unique virtues of this body give, receive, and thank.

Thanks to all my teachers, seen and unseen.

Thanks to One Cloud, mountain hermit of Changbaishan, and to his teacher, White Cloud. Due to the efforts of old masters over centuries, the effortless process that long ago in China was given the name "Tao" endures today without name.

Thanks to my teacher Mantak Chia for his clear and powerful transmissions of the Tao. By practicing what I have learned from Master Chia I have experienced healing from chronic illness and developed the will to manage life issues both physical and emotional.

Special thanks to Michael Winn for his feedback on the early drafts of these animations. Michael's translation of Taoist spiritual science into practical language provides vital guidance for westerners.

Biggest thanks to my partner Lauren for her love and encouragement. Nothing supports, balances, or delights me more than her beautiful presence.

Joyfully manifesting a sincere heart I, Kev, upload this website to the internet.

Spring Equinox, 2015

Lunar New Year, 2017